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The Ravens

and The Fabulous G.P's

Band Members with Instruments

LR: Ron Blim, Tony Spruce, Noelene Bowerman and Ken Muir.

I was in a band that began in 1961 called "The Ravens". We started out doing Sat. nights at the Belmont North Community Hall and continued that gig for about 3 years doing Pop, Rock and "Old Time" dance music.

The Ravens

LR: Tony Spruce, Ken Muir, Noelene Bowerman and Ron Blim.

During this time we slowly built up a reputation as a good Dance Band and began honing our skills as a Cabaret Package Group. In 1963 we began working with Godfrey Philipp a former NBN 3 producer who started a Friday Night Show at Tyrell Hall called OPUS'63.

Ticket for Opus63

The Ravens were joined by Keith Shortland on Guitar and John Shortland on Bass and went by the name of The Fabulous G.P's. Johnny Lavender and Kim Kaban also joined us as Vocalists.

The Harbourside Six also shared the bill with us, they were Nev Jones, Milton Ward, Bob Henderson, Bill Jones, Alan Ward, and David Ross, this was April 1963.

We were also joined by guest stars Dave Bridge Trio & George Karren. This Show only lasted a few months but it was interesting. We also backed Patty Markam at St Peter's Hall Hamilton.

The Ravens with Patty Markham

The Ravens with Patty Markham

The Ravens Princeton Hotel Newcastle Christmas 1964

The Ravens Princeton Hotel Newcastle Christmas 1964
LR: Tony Spruce, Ken Muir, Noelene Bowerman and Ron Blim.

The Ravens next foray into the " big time" was the Palais in Hunter St. We were Special Guest Band on Friday Nights with The HI FI's, The Freshmen, Jan Porter, Barry Livermore and Mike Rounce. This was advertised as 1000's Balloons, Streamers, PLUM PUDDINGS........

Add for the Palais

We continued doing gigs around the area and took up a permanent Saturday Night Gig at the Adamstown RSL with firstly Bill Alder as vocalist compare, then John Delano. We then began a long running gig at the Shoal Bay Country Club on Sunday Afternoons.

The Ravens

LR: ?, Ken Muir, Noelene Bowerman, Ron Blim and Tony Spruce.

During this time we formed The Ravens Package Tour which consisted of a variety show of artists The Ravens plus sometimes ....................

Gerry Blim was previously with The Jim Hunt Big Band, Palais on Friday Nights, Maitland Town Hall Saturday Nights and NBN3. We performed all over the Newcastle and District Club Circut.

The Ravens Package Show 1965

The Ravens Package Show 1965.

In 1965 The Ravens took on a permanent Saturday Night Gig at Shortland RSL. Shortly afterwards Ken Muir( Sax.) left the band and was replaced by Dave Cross a wonderful jazz oriented muso.

I had decided to take my chances in England, so after a few solo Cabaret Gigs in Sydney at the North Sydney Leagues Club with the likes of Warren Williams and Sandy Scott I set sail on board the S.S. Australis headed for England.

Ron Blim at Stan Bournes Cabaretta Hotel 1965

Ron Blim at Stan Bournes Cabaretta Hotel 1965

I returned to Newcastle in December 1968 and met Marty Tynan and joined The Cult, with John Sampson & Livio, sometimes Bubbles on Drums. We did Battle of the bands in 1969 as well as Bus Stop with Chain and Dennis Garcia.

The Cult 1969 Newcastle

The Cult Newcastle 1969. LR: Ron Blim, John Sampson, Marty Tynan and Bubbles.

After 30 years in Cairns I have now resided in the Philippines for the last 13 years. I hope this will help fill in at least one little gap in this wonderful site....

Best Wishes.... Ron Blim..

Photographs and Bio courtesy of Ron Blim